Keeping Time - Volume 4 - January 2012
Keeping Time - Volume 4 - January 2012
 Biometric - Proper Finger Placement
  The basics for successful usage of the Smart Clock fingerprint   sensor are simple, but important. Performance improves with   consistent finger placement. It is important to make sure that the   position of your finger allows the fingerprint sensor to record the   unique features of your fingerprint. Here are some simple   suggestions to follow for trouble-free fingerprint recognition.
Demonstrating proper finger placement on the Smart Clock
  The Ridge-Lock is the raised plastic piece underneath the sensor. It   is used to help guide your finger onto the sensor and to discharge   static electricity prior to touching the sensor. The Ridge-Lock was   designed to help maintain “consistent” finger positioning. With your   fingertip raised, slide your finger across the Ridge-Lock, until it   “locks” into place within the first indentation of your finger. Next, lower   your finger onto the sensor and apply moderate pressure. Here are   some common mistakes to avoid:
• Sliding your fingertip into place while making contact with the sensor instead of lowering your fingertip onto   the sensor can cause distortion of the fingerprint and degrade the image quality. Keep your fingertip raised   while sliding across the Ridge-Lock and then lower your fingertip onto the sensor when in position.
• Rotating or twisting your finger into position will also cause distortion of the fingerprint and make verification
  less reliable.
• Positioning your finger more to one side than the other and leaving a portion of the sensor exposed will
  degrade image quality. Try to center your fingertip into position.
• Placing your finger at an angle to the Ridge-Lock is another common mistake. Rotation of your fingertip will   not provide a reliable image of the fingerprint for verification.

  If you follow these suggestions, you will see some improvement in the Smart Clock’s ability to recognize
  your fingerprint.
    Monthly Tip
Use the Exception List report to quickly isolate missing punches (MP) and absences (NP) for any date range.
Exception List Reports
The report will only show those employees that have the specified notations applied to them. To tag the MP and NP notes, just left click and then right click on each one. This will highlight them.
    Monthly Trick
Use the Criteria option to create a custom filter for the CARDS window that will focus on just tracking down missing punches (MP) and absences (NP).
Track down missing punches and absences
The example above focuses on the current period. Some companies create one custom criteria for the current period and another for the previous period, so they can switch back and forth between them. The notes must be entered in capital letters in the “from” or “to” fields for the criteria to work.
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