To Export or Not to Export...

Most businesses have separate Payroll and Time & Attendance systems. This separation allows redundancy of data and allows the company to tailor each system specifically for their needs. This also allows each provider to focus in their area of expertise – instead of a Payroll provider trying to be a Time & Attendance company, and vice versa. Everyone is good at what they focus on.

This then leaves the daunting task of making the Payroll system work with the Time & Attendance system. In almost every system, the Time and Attendance system is feeding data to the Payroll system, in that order. This puts the task of multi-system interfacing on the Time & Attendance solution.

Exporting data from Time & Attendance systems has been around for years – since computer-based systems came on the market. The most robust Time & Attendance systems have extensive reporting capabilities, for job costing, labor tracking, overtime management, and more. Although, without the ability to export the data, the value the Time & Attendance system provides is limited. By being able to export data to Payroll providers, Time & Attendance can be an integral part of a touchless, efficient and automatic Payroll process.

A good Time & Attendance solution will offer exporting to all of the popular payroll providers. The distinction between good and great often comes with new, obscure, or smaller providers. These typically have specialized formats that aren’t able to be pre-configured in any software. This requires a custom-created report. Few Time & Attendance solutions provide this level of exporting flexibility.

Smart Clock offers 20 pre-configured Payroll export interfaces, along with a custom report in ASCII format which allows a user to configure their own reports for payroll import, internal reporting needs or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system import.

Use the additional Employee Classification fields to segregate employees beyond Full Time and Part Time:
This can be used on all reports and export interfaces to group data by Employee Classification:
Use the “?” on the lower left corner of the Adjustment to Hours window to locate employees faster than scrolling.
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